How to import and export large datasets in mysql

originally posted at I’ve seen many questions around the importing and exporting of large tables and/or databases in mysql, so I’d like to share how I’ve learned to manage those processes.  Using phpmyadmin for these tasks is not suitable because web servers are not designed for running large scripts or uploading/downloading large files.  You […]

How to enable SOAP on a LAMP server

originally posted at I wanted to use the MSN search API on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) I have setup for a client, but the existing CentOS 5 operating system only had PHP5.1.6 and I needed PHP5.2.1 (at least) with SOAP enabled for the search API to work. So I downloaded all my code […]

How to allow up and down arrows to navigate your form fields

originally posted at I learned something pretty cool last week. I fielded a request from a client who wanted to be able to use the up and down arrows on his keyboard to navigate a rather large form on the site I created for him. I believed it was possible but I had never […]

Source Control Feels Good

originally posted at Today I want to sing praises for source control.  I was working on an inventory application this morning, putting a few final touches on the display of the data to make it more crisp and clean looking.  In this application I used the extjs grid view library (see for more […]