How to use Behat for BDD in Windows with Selenium in Docker

A few definitions before diving in (the title is a mouthful): BDD = Behavior Driven Development, which is a more top down approach to Test Driven Development (TDD) Behat = Tool for implementing BDD written in PHP Selenium = open source browser testing tool, which can be used with behat as an addon through the […]

How to install phantomjs and casperjs on bluehost linux vps

Last week I needed to automate an internet lookup in real time which required a several step login process (no API available). I was having trouble getting it to work with Curl. I had heard good things about CasperJS and PhantomJS so I figured I would try it out. I decided to use my own […]

How to integrate existing website into Amazon Simple Email Service

I was preparing to integrate a client’s business to send emails through AWeber last week when I realized that their api does not support sending transactional emails to one or more people on an as needed basis. I confirmed with AWeber’s tech support that their API is read only, it does not allow the sending […]